WIN an Original Oil with "Art Takes Times Square"

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 Art Takes Times Square happens TONIGHT in New York!!! Thanks to some tremendous support for my work online, I’m now showing amongst many artists around the world on 9ft x 12ft screens on Times Square!


Today is the big day! In just a few hours, Art Takes Times Square will present thousands of works by artists from all across the world (including ME) in an immense art exhibition in NYC. 

Art Takes Times Square Monday June 18, 2012, 7pm – 11pm 
Broadway between 42nd Street and 44th Street Hosted by Questlove of The Roots Featuring brass bands, performers and works by thousands of artists (including ME!)

My work is estimated to be displayed on a 9 x 12 ft digital screen located on Broadway and 43rd Street between 

7:45pm – 8:15pm (New York Time) or 
12:45- 1:15am (UK time). 

 YES The Scottish Landscape will be donning the screens of Times Square Tonight! 

 See live webcams for two of the numerous billboard screens that will display my work at: If you watch it and see my work, hit screen grab (print screen), and post the image to my facebook wall. 1st to do this will get a FREE original oil painting 15 x 15cm! Worth over £100! 


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