If you search YouTube for ‘Naismith Colour Theory’ you will find a number of instructional videos about colour. Here is a link to the full playlist. These are intended as an educational resource for artists and designers who are looking to have a better understanding of how to effectively use colour. It aso gives an insight into the concepts behind the colour used in my paintings.

Colour Theory Videos Link

The most significant of these videos is a video entitled: ‘The Truth About The Colour Wheel‘. By analysing the language and physics of colour, I identify the drastic flaws of the traditional painters’ wheel and the havoc it brings to balance and colour mixing.

Many have asked for one of my colour wheels, so I am now making it available by sharing here in my shop.


As with my videos, this is being supplied as a free resource, however I would be grateful for any donations via paypal. Simply order 1 or more colour wheels as a free product in my shop and use the donate payment to send as little or as much as you like, just adjust the amount in the box.


  1. Hallo Scott,

    Thank you so much for your knowledge that you share. I am so grateful that I discovered you – well actually one of your paintings and so the trail led back to you.

    Later I realised on one of your you tube videos it was the painting that you made by using the three primaries. LOL! Imagine that just that made such an impression on me. And to see your other paintings are awesome…for a lack of a better word.

    I am sort of in a place of my life where I have to make serious choices about my career. I am considering to leave engineering after 13 years and want to move over to anything creative! And after all these years I am trying to pick up my painting/ drawing etc. where I left it and I find it challenging I think mostly as I am struggling to get back my creative freedom and to not be afraid to get it “wrong” if you understand what I mean. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself not to fail – that is my biggest fear. Well now after my free phycology self talk let me move on.

    One of my challenges is that I am currently starting with and using acrylics before moving on to oils. In a South African summer it is a struggle for the paint not to dry so fast and I am on a mission today to try and find retarders to increase the open time. Yesterday I did a couple of experiments making use of household and alternatives that I also researched, but the results were not accurate enough. The paint options it seems elsewhere is to be able to buy a acrylic with more open time, but I have not seen it here.

    Hopefully one day I will get to meat you and if I save a lot I would be able to afford one of your paintings in Glasgow. The rand is very weak against the pound! 🙂

    Greetings from Pretoria, South Africa!


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