Taoist Colour exhibition

Solo Exhibition ‘Taoist Colour’ opening 26.09.20

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  • OPENS 11am Sat 26 Sept 2020
  • Show runs until Sun 4th Oct 2020
  • Lemond Gallery, 4 Thorn Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 4PP
  • 0141 942 4683


Many features of my working process have led me recently to the parallel concepts in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Specifically the themes of 'going with the flow' and balance/duality.

My painting process is one which relies on instinct. I am open to change whilst feeling my way through the painting. Duality has been a constant theme in my work as I play with colour complementaries and instinctively balance light/dark, soft/hard, intricate/vast, opaque/transparent.

Previously I have used the golden ratio and PHI spiral within my compositions. I've now become interested in looking at why an image simply looks 'right'. A search for a visual archetype.

'Taoist Skye' | 120 x 180cm Oil on Linen | by Scott Naismith
'Taoist Skye' | 120 x 180cm | Oil on Linen

'Low Tide Sunset' | 60 x 12ocm | Oil on Linen

'The West Highland Tao' | Oil on Linen | by Scott Naismith
'The West Highland Tao' | 50 x 150cm | Oil on Linen

For all enquiries

contact the Lemond Gallery 0141 942 4683

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      Hi Rob, the best idea is to contact the gallery directly on 0141 942 4683 and they will keep you right with what’s possible and what’s not – which appears to be changing all the time! All the best.

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