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Morningside Gallery: The Light Fantastic

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My Morningside Gallery exhibition started on Saturday. Sally at the gallery has done an outstanding job of hanging. Here’s a sneek peek of how it looks. Most of my paintings feature in the back portion of the gallery. There are also some works from Julian Mason who was featured last week.


Here’s one of the paintings on show called ‘Solid, Liquid, Gas 2’

CLICK HERE to view the full collection on the Morningside Gallery website.

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  1. Dear Scott,
    you wont remember me but I worked I a GP surgery in Glasgow with one of your old classmates, I bought a couple of your paintings
    which I hang proudly in my home…… you spoke to me on that day and inspired me to go out and see the world thru the eyes of an artist , which I did , I joined art classes and it truly opened up a new world for me and for that I am truly grateful.

    once again you helped put a new meaning in my life, I have since retired from work but paint with enthusiasm every day.

    thank you

    1. Post

      Thanks for your lovely message Margaret. I can’t imagine there are many that can’t remember meeting you! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the painting, enthusiasm for painting is everything. Painting is a great channel for that abundance of energy you have!
      All the best

  2. seeing your work has changed my life! i have struggled for yrs. to get some life in my art! you showed all of us to go for it! what a gift! you rock my world!
    thank you Scott! when i get some money i can’t wait to contribute for all the help i have received from you!
    you are a very generous, gifted man!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am sooooo enjoying your work via ICanvass as Christmas gifts to myself! My stepdaughter has also fallen in love with your work! Thank you!

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