‘ALTITUDE’, solo exhibition, The Lemond Gallery

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You are warmly invited to the
opening of my solo exhibition at


4 Thorn Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 4PP

I will be at the gallery on Saturday 27 October
from 1pm - 4pm

Hope to see you there!


'Yellow Glare', 100 x 100cm oil on linen

Here is what gallery owner Ken Lemond has to say about the show:

"One of Scotland's most exciting young artists !

Steeped in the Scottish landscape (West Coast and the Western Isles), Naismith captures (in a modern way) everything that is special and magical about Scotland (one of the most beautiful places in the world !).

He uses a formalist approach where form (expression) is more important that the accuracy of representation. In doing so he is successfully celebrating and communicating the spirit of Scotland and our underlying sense of optimism.

Naismith deconstructs the elements that are contained within a scene - the hard elements (the earth), the liquid and the air. He also looks at the changing weather and light conditions. Rather than represented colour, he applies colour to reconstruct, exaggerating and highlighting the interaction of the various elements, including variations in the land geology and in light refraction and filtration.

We are led by him through the canvas to enjoy and celebrate his crescendo - the force, power and beauty of the natural elements.

Credit to Naismith - his has a considered and cerebral approach, which makes him 'artistically' very special and sets him apart from many of his peers.

The quality of his thought and approach will ensure that his contribution is enduring and is included in the art history timeline for Scotland.

Take a look at these paintings and consider the deconstruction and reconstruction. Take your time and you should then gain a better idea of how well constructed and monumental Naismith's approach is!"

The Storr, 100 x 150cm oil on linen

'The Storr' 100 x 150cm oil on linen

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  1. Impossible for me to get to Scotland. I’ll be 80 years old in March and am latent artist. Your paintings, use of color and exuberance inspire my picking up the brushes again. Thought it was gone. I’d love to have a catalogue of your works or at the least- one from ur show . Good luck and wishing you much success.

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