'432 Hertz' 40 x 40cm original oil painting

‘432 Hertz’ | 40 x 40cm original painting

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'432 Hertz'

40 x 40cm oil & spray paint on linen

Original contemporary Scottish abstract landscape painting

Price includes frame
Framed size approx 51 x 51cm
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ABOUT '432 Hertz'

This painting is from a body of my work titled, ‘Resonance’, and 432 Hertz (Hz) is sometimes referred to as nature’s healing frequency. The significance of 432 Hz is often associated with the idea that it holds unique properties beneficial for the human body and mind when compared to the standard tuning of music at 440 Hz.

Proponents of the 432 Hz frequency believe it resonates with nature and the universe, citing its alignment with mathematical and geometric patterns found in nature. They argue that music tuned to 432 Hz feels more natural, harmonious, and resonates more closely with the vibrations present in nature, claiming it can promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.


Cymatic patterns are intricate geometric shapes and patterns formed by sound vibrations on a surface, typically a plate or a membrane. These patterns emerge when a medium, such as a liquid or fine particles, responds to the vibrations caused by sound waves passing through it.

When sound vibrations are applied to a medium like a liquid, powder, or even a solid surface, at a frequency of 432 Hz, they may result in geometric shapes and intricate patterns, sometimes known as 'cymatic patterns'. These patterns could range from simple geometric forms like circles, triangles, and squares to more complex and elaborate designs.

One such pattern is the cross within a circle that you see represented in the painting above.  The video below demonstrates that 432 hz can produce a cleaner cymatic pattern than other frequencies and if you pause this video at approximately 5 minutes and 33 seconds, you will see the formation of the particles, through this frequency, into the cross within a circle.

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