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After 10 years of painting the Scottish landscape, my recent work now becomes more involved with cloudcover and its effect on light and colour through both its translucent and opaque properties. Clouds are visible masses of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere . They have the ability to refract and reflect, creating an ever changing perception of light which inspires my use of colour.

I am constantly refering to the  paradox of a cloud’s peceived weight and its fragility and the relationship between the cool and warm colours created by it. I have become increasingly interested in catching the moment when heavy overcast clears to reveal clear blue sky, a cool colour that complements the warmth it brings. While the most obvious manifestation of light refraction at this time would occur in the form of a rainbow, I will be concerned with accentuating the infinite, more subtle effects.

I find myself inspired increasingly by the works of Turner, who created ephemeral atmospheric effects

using large washes of liquid paint. Other influences include Nicolas de Stael, Willem de Kooning, Samuel Peploe, Francis Cadell, Glasgow boys: Guthrie Lavery, Henry… and Joan Eardley.



Through teaching colour at Reid Kerr College to Graphic Design Students, I have become aware that the syllabus for colour theory and mixing is flawed. My recent work explores the ‘truth’ about the colour wheel which is that Cyan, Magenta and yellow (not blue and red) are the primaries of the subtractive colour system. My video: ‘The Truth About The Colour Wheel’ explains the technicalities of this concept.​


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  1. Not sure how I came upon your art but I am a true fan of your work. I am a painter located on the Central Coast of California and am inspired by your atmospheric approach to land and seascape. I am very much drawn to sky and cloud formations and my work has been called “Soulscapes”. Your work challenges me to become more colorful and explosive.
    Thank you for your inspiration.
    Spanky Anderson

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