40cm Distant Light Loch Garry

40 x 40cm Distant Light, Loch Garry SOLD

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Oil on canvas / 40cm x 40cm / Original painting AVAILABLE £850 SOLD On the west coast on the road north to Skye, about 20 minutes north of Spean Bridge, this viewpoint across loch garry can be seen from the roadside. From this particular point, loch Garry resembles the map of Scotland. It is a spot I have stopped at many …

Barra Crofts

40 x 40cm Barra Crofts SOLD

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  This Painting is SOLD and currently hangs in a collection in Sydney, Australia.   This painting depicts an area around Brevig on the Isle of Barra. I tend not to rely on my photographs too much, however sometimes my photo references are essential in getting the details of any recognizable structures or places.   Often I will combine information from …