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I was recently asked to do an interview for the tailcast.com website (about to be changed to ‘createtoday’. Here’s a couple of the questions and answers:

What inspires you in your work ?


Final works are completed in my home studio in Glasgow. The rest of my time is spent travelling around the country looking for inspiration in the Scottish landscape. The many lochs, glens and isles of the West coast provide this inspiration for my vibrant and atmospheric oils.


Skies have become an integral part of my work. The weather changes quickly in Scotland’s Western Isles and there’s nothing better than seeing adverse weather conditions clearing as the sun casts new light. These moments of transitional skies are what my current work is about. The emerging light acts as a metaphor for hope and optimism appropriate for for someone 14 weeks into fatherhood! With a big interest in colour play and colour theory, this subject matter also interests me for it’s warm/cool colour contrasts.





Any tips for budding artists / illustrators / photographers ?


I think an unshakeable belief in yourself is necessary to achieve success. Being very critical of your own work and being able to take criticism well is a key part of this.


It’s all about confidence. Confidence is self perpetuating: If you are confident, it translates well in your work which in turn breeds confidence in the next work you do.


I suppose the key would be to stay confident. If your confidence wavers, it can often mean the avoidance of producing anything at all, like writers’ block. You would then need a strategy to get the confidence back. For an artist it might be to begin a new painting with no planning at all with your biggest roller, palette knives or brushes and just improvise and see where it takes you. Challenging yourself is a great way to a feeling of achievement and ultimately renewed confidence.


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