SOLO EXHIBITION 2013: New Contemporary Scottish Landscape Paintings

Consonance and Dissonance

Consonance and Dissonance
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The Concept of Consonance and Dissonance

In music these terms refer to harmonies or chords (consonance) and deliberate disharmony (dissonance)

“A stable tone combination is a consonance; consonances are points of arrival, rest, and resolution.”

“An unstable tone combination is a dissonance; its tension demands an onward motion to a stable chord. Thus dissonant chords are ‘active’; traditionally they have been considered harsh and have expressed pain, grief, and conflict.”

—Roger Kamien (2008)

Terms usually applied to music such as stacatto, crescendo and diminuendo Scott likes to think of within his compositional structure, mark making and paint application. The terms consonance and dissonance would refer more to his unique colour use. Scott’s approach to colour is documented in film for his YouTube channel. Colour theory is of great importance to the paintings. “I like to think of colour in these terms normally applied to music. I’m constantly balancing the contrast of stable and unstable, calmness and tension, harmony and disharmony. It seems we have a better vocabulary in music for many concepts like this than within the visual arts”


The full listing of Paintings at the exhibition are listed below:

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