Naismith CMY Colour Wheel (BORDERLESS)


Choose from 3 designs or download all. They are big enough to be printed A3.

While this product and instructional videos are FREE, I would be grateful for any donations, Thanks!

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If you search YouTube for ‘Naismith Colour Theory’ you will find a number of instructional videos about colour. Here is a link to the full playlist. These are intended as an educational resource for artists and designers who are looking to have a better understanding of how to effectively use colour. It aso gives an insight into the concepts behind the colour used in my paintings.


The most significant of these videos is a video entitled: ‘The Truth About The Colour Wheel’. By analysing the language and physics of colour, I identify the drastic flaws of the traditional painters’ wheel and the havoc it brings to balance and colour mixing.


Many have asked for one of my colour wheels, so I am now making it available as a download file by sharing here via my shop.

As with my videos, this is being supplied as a free resource, however I would be grateful for any donations via paypal which can be made using the donate button below, just alter the amount, any donations however small are greatly appreciated:

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I think your generosity is extraordinary Scott and i am sending a second donation ..I will send more donations as I can ..absolutely love your amazing work ..Thank you ..Patricia Howell