About the Artist



With the ambition to become an artist, Scott studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. In June 2000 he left with a BDes in Illustration and printmaking. Since graduating Scott has been a full time artist, working from his studio in Glasgow. Much of his time is spent travelling around the country looking for inspiration for another depiction of the Scottish landscape. The many lochs, glens and isles of the west coast are amongst his favourite subject matter for his vibrant and atmospheric oils.



Scott uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the west coast of Scotland. Colour use often becomes an entirely emotional response to the subject while values can remain representational. The love he has for his native Scottish countryside is portayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with palette knife and brush.

After a miraculous recovery from cancer by his father, marriage and birth of his 2 children, Scott draws upon a great positivity and energy.


2 excerpts from Scott’s third book, ‘Scottish Skies’:

“To encourage others to look at the world differently. This is what I see as the primary purpose of an artist. When I look to the skies of Scotland I see it in precisely the same way as my prehistoric ancestors. What new perceptions can I offer? Nothing… there is nothing new, it has all been conceived of before. However as an artist I can realise these perceptions and ideas visually in a refined craft in order to portray a unique vision.”

Atmospheric Abstraction

“Occupying the space between representation and abstraction for a semi-abstract painter can be a tricky balance. I see abstraction as a process of simplification and embellishment. The more of this explored, the further from the literal subject you get. How much should be spoon fed to the viewer and how much should be conceptual? What I like about abstract landscape painting, or as I like to refer to my paintings as “atmospheric Abstraction”, is that the subject is instantly recognisable and familiar. There is therefore more scope for embellishment of shape and colour.

I like to play with the perception of depth in three dimensions while the viewer is reminded of the 2 dimensional space of the painting surface. Paradoxically it will be the more three dimensional, thicker applications of paint representing the 2 dimensional design elements.”


Scott’s work now reaches a worldwide audience through his 28,861 youtube subscribers and a total view count exceeding 3 million views.

Scott regularly exhibits at the following galleries:​




2014 126th Annual Exhibition of the PAI  £1000 Arnold Clark Award

Previous Exhibitions:

SOLO: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Ian Kenny Gallery, Hamilton; 2003 Cosmo Cafe, Glasgow Film Theatre; 2008 West End Festival, The Lanes, Glasgow; 2010 Riverside Inverclyde Gallery 2 Man Exhibition: 2006 Scott Naismith / Peter Howson at Carby Art Galley, Aberdeen 2 Man Exhibition; 2008 Scott Naismith/ Erni Upton at Annan Art, Glasgow 2 Artist exhibition; 2010 Christine O’Keeffe and Scott Naismith at DiRollo Gallery, Dundas St, Edinburgh; GROUP: 2000 Graduates Strathearn Gallery, Crieff; 2002 Naismith & Kenny exhibition,  Marischal Gallery, Aberdeen; 2002 – 2003 Margin Gallery, Hamilton; 2002- 2004 Bishopbriggs Gallery & Framers; 2002- 2006 Inverbeg Gallery, Luss; 2002- 2003 Arthur Anderson Gallery, Eaglesham; 2003 Paisley Art Institute (PAI); 2003- 2004 The Jerdan Gallery, Crail; 2003- 2004 Connell Gallery, Glasgow; 2004- 2006 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry; 2004- 2006 Watermark Gallery, Cockermouth, Cumbria; 2004- 2005 Panton Gallery, Dunfermline; 2005- 2006 Carby Art Gallery, Aberdeen; 2005- 2006 Frasers Gallery, Dundee; 2006 Westgate Gallery, North Berwick; 2006 Southside Art, Glasgow; 2006- 2016 Scotlandart.com, Glasgow & Edinburgh; 2007- 2009 MacGreggor Fine Art, Glasgow; 2008: Winter Show, DiRollo Gallery, Edinburgh; 2008- 2012 Annan Art, Woodlands Road, Glasgow; 2008- 2010 The Glasgow Art Fair; 2008 ROI Royal Institute of Painters in Oil Colour, Mall Galleries, London; 2009 – present Edinburgh Art Fair; 2009 The Sun Gallery, Newburgh; 2010 Seagull Gallery, Gourock; 2011 Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld; 2011- 2017 Contemporary Six Gallery, Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester; 2012 The Glasgow Art Fair; 2012 Art Forum, Milngavie; 2012 The Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan; 2012 ‘Art Takes Times Square’ New York; 2012 The Vine Trust Barge Festival exhibition; 2012 Erkine Art Exhibition, Trades Hall Glasgow; 2012 ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters; 2014- 2017: Gallery 13, Downtown Minneapolis; 2014 Paisley Art Institute (Arnold Clark award); 2014 Scotland Artists Gallery, Bothwell; 2015 – present annual solo exhibition Morningside Gallery; 2015 – present Fotheringham Gallery annual solo exhibition. 2016 – present Lemond Gallery Christmas Show.  2016 – present Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Battersea & Bristol; 2017 & 2018 Lemond Gallery summer show ‘6 of the best’; 2018 Lemond Gallery – solo exhibition; 2019 ArtClub Gallery, Paris – solo exhibition.