Arisaig Original Painting

100 x 100cm Arisaig SOLD

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Arisaig Original Painting

Oil on canvas 100 x 100cm

Arisaig at my solo show
Framed size is approx 126cm square

Arisaig 1 metre square paitning in its frame

At at exhibition

This large scale oil on canvas landscape painting shows the Isles of Eigg and Rum from the shores of the west coast of the Scottish mainland at Arisaig. The distinctive contrasting shapes of the two headlands make this spot on Arisaig very popular for photographers and artists alike.

Arisaig is a spot I often return to and have painted many times, this is however the biggest painting I have produced of it. Here you can also see images of the framed piece to get a better idea of the painting in real life with a sense of scale.


The painting is currently available.

£3200 Please use the contact page for enquiries to purchase.


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