While my tuitional videos are all FREE, I am grateful for all donations which make them possible….

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May 1, 2014 at 9:21 am
(£10.00 GBP) Said:

May 10, 2015 at 6:51 am
patricia howell (£10.00 GBP) Said:

I think your generosity is extraordinary Scott and i am sending a second donation ..I will send more donations as I can ..absolutely love your amazing work ..Thank you ..Patricia Howell

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  1. John Glen

    As a keen amateur always looking for hints and tips your videos are a breath of fresh air. As a Scot who loves our country’s landscapes I can only say inspirational work. Thank you for giving freely of your gift. If you ever decide to visit Caithness (‘The Big Sky’) I reckon you are owed several drinks from this appreciative enthusiast.

  2. Viv gray

    Thanks for explaining colour theory I’ve read it in books however you explained really well and the penny dropped

  3. Jean Smith

    Hi Scott – just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed exploring your website. Your paintings have a great strong effect on me. They are really wonderful. I think the videos are a great addition, and very instructive.

    I studied art at University of Ottawa, here in Canada, but I do get over to Scotland at least once a year. I was born in Scotland, and my daughter lives there now. I have found that the landscape and the skies of Scotland have had an influence on my own paintings. Much like Canada, the great outdoors are a true inspiration.

    I hope you keep making the videos – they are great! Thanks so much

  4. jennifer

    Hi, Scott. These color videos are simply fantastic– you are a gifted teacher. Making the theory tangible through your use of the wheel and coins helped me immensely. Thank you for sharing your many gifts with the world.


  5. Lorna Rankin

    These videos are priceless and have given me so much. I can’t thank you enough, Scott, for your generosity. I’ve made a small donation…it could never be enough! Thank you.

  6. Maggie B

    Painting make so much more sense now! I kept purchasing dvd’s and books but something was still missing. After watching your videos,ideas are finally formulating… You’re a great teacher Scott.
    Thank you so much. Please keep on tteching.

  7. Sonia

    Hi Scott,
    Could not thank you enough for your incredible videos which are so so helpful for amateur artist like me !
    The way you teach your gifts to the world is just incredible .
    Am not finding enough words …. Thank You so much !!!

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