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  1. I am an australian artist (scottish/english ) father and an irish mother born in waterford..I have just “Discovered “you and your amazing work ..I am enraptured by your imaginative use of colour..It is always my first reaction to a scene and a painting ..I don’t know where you have been hiding ! I feel so inspired to continue with my search into colours and I do want to thank you for your generousity in sharing your work with us all. I have just started watching your videos and i have donated a small amount to your work, hope to add more later . your paintings give so much joy husband and I have walked in many parts of the world and have spent many days in both ireland and Scotland ,,loved the walking in Skye where a lot of your paintings have been inspired. again thank you so much you ever give workshops ,Scott ?

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      Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your kind comments. Unfortunately I don’t do workshops and I’m also giving up my lecturing post this year due to more time needed in the studio. If I ever change my mind in the future, I’ll be sure to update all on my mail list.
      many thanks,

  2. Bonjour Scott

    Votre travail est remarquable. Je suis éblouie. Comment peut-on acheter votre livre ; est-il toujours disponible et comment peut-on se le procurer en France (ou via internet),

    Merci beaucoup par avance


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  3. wow! I have been just struggling with my painting, but watching your videos and seeing your work has propelled my onwards! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

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